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The Striped Shirt

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When it comes to French style, I don't think there's anything more iconic than a simple striped tee. Originally designed for French sailors, Saint James has been creating the classic Breton striped shirt since 1889. You can recognize Saint James' stripes by the 2:1 ratio, and the name tag on the left sleeve. It's said that "over 18 seamstresses will have been involved in cutting, making, quality controlling and ironing the final item". An attention to detail that I so admire, especially in a world of fast fashion and ill-fitting garments. These days, you'd be hard-pressed not find at least one striped shirt is most people's wardrobe. And really, can one ever have too many stripes? (Bien sûr que non!)

Dressed up or down, this piece is a must-have French staple. And for those of us looking to purchase a little closer to home, visit J.Crew for a slouchy-styled exclusive, or Jourdain for Canada's largest selection of Saint James clothing.

Decisions, decisions...


Photos: Saint James, J.Crew, J.Crew, @basicsdept via Saint James, Quote: Jourdain