About a Cup of Coffee

I pretty much run on coffee these days. When you haven't slept in once for the past 7.5 months, you kind of need to.

Before having Ford we tried multiple ways of making a hot cup of something or another in the mornings. We used our moka pot, I made tea-to-go, he used pre-ground beans in a bodum travel press, we even had a rendezvous with the good ol' Kuerig (so much waste, why did we try this again? Oh yeah – Costco)... but some time before the little guy arrived, we went back to our tried and true french press. We've been getting beans from a local coffee shop, where they visit the fields they come from and roast them in-house. We grind the beans just before using them, and I usually top it off with frothy milk and a tiny bit of cocoa. As a result, i'm officially addicted. It's bad. Tea tastes like nothing now. Other people's coffee isn't the same. I'm already panicking about what I'll do when I go back to work... do I bring my own french press? What about my fluffy cloud of milk? Ford is probably already addicted just from the scent of fresh beans wafting through the air, lol.

But then again... what simpler pleasure than the perfect cup of coffee, right? Worth it.


P.S. #coffeecoffeecoffee (Who's excited for Gilmore Girls returning?!)