de Buci Baby

1. Crib Sheet in Blue and White Stripe Cotton // 2. Teddy Bear in Cream Linen // 
3. Nursing Pillow Case in Toile // 4. Crib Sheet in Beige Gingham Cotton // 5. Warm Sleep Sack in Blue and White Stripe Cotton // 6. Teddy Bear in Beige Gingham Cotton

Just recently I came across the children's brand de Buci Baby. Founder Maya Nairn has created the most lovely baby products ranging from crib sheets to matching sleep sacks, in beautiful solids and classic prints, yet simplistic in design. I especially love the beige gingham crib sheet and toile nursing pillow to give Ford's nursery a certain "european" flair. We have a vintage-looking steel car in his room that I want to set the theme around, and since his space is a work-in-progress, a few picks from de Buci Baby would be absolutely perfect! Plus, how cute are the matching teddies?

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