Two Months

If you follow along on Instagram, you'll know this little guy surprised us a few weeks early! Born December 29, he's already 8 weeks old! I once heard someone describe it as the shortest, longest time, and I completely agree. It's short in the sweet moments, long in the challenging ones, but perfectly wonderful as I look back overall. The delivery, the week-long hospital stay, and those first few nights at home seem like a distant memory now. Something new happens every day. He's starting to smile, which is just the positive feedback one needs after a sleepless night or a fussy afternoon. All in all, we can't complain, he's adorable and charming as a newborn baby can be, wide-eyed and peering around his new surroundings. I can't wait to do so many things with him – playing in the park, taking him on his first trip, celebrating the holidays – but for now we'll take cuddling our little baby boy... dressed in a clean white onesie, and cute little socks.