Hi, I'm Daniella.

I’ve had an appreciation for timeless design for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I’d constantly be flipping through beautifully-designed magazines, or adding more fine stationery to my “just to keep” collection. It led me to a refined, less-is-more approach, that I use to bring beauty to every day life.

With over 12 years of design experience in an agency setting, I have carefully crafted that aesthetic, along with my creative and technical expertise. I've worked with a variety of clients over the years, from wedding professionals to best-selling authors, to shop owners and boutique hotels. I thrive by helping people share the very best of their business through purposeful design. When the true personality of a brand shines through, it captivates your attention and leaves you wanting more! That's where my services come in – we'll bring out the very best of your business.

I currently live in Ontario, Canada, with my husband, son, and doberman pup. When I'm not in the studio, I'm chasing the little one at the park, popping into my local coffee shop, or browsing the bookstore for something new to read.

Instagram is my favourite online community – come say hi!