About a Cup of Coffee

I pretty much run on coffee these days. When you haven't slept in once for the past 7.5 months, you kind of need to.

Before having Ford we tried multiple ways of making a hot cup of something or another in the mornings. We used our moka pot, I made tea-to-go, he used pre-ground beans in a bodum travel press, we even had a rendezvous with the good ol' Kuerig (so much waste, why did we try this again? Oh yeah – Costco)... but some time before the little guy arrived, we went back to our tried and true french press. We've been getting beans from a local coffee shop, where they visit the fields they come from and roast them in-house. We grind the beans just before using them, and I usually top it off with frothy milk and a tiny bit of cocoa. As a result, i'm officially addicted. It's bad. Tea tastes like nothing now. Other people's coffee isn't the same. I'm already panicking about what I'll do when I go back to work... do I bring my own french press? What about my fluffy cloud of milk? Ford is probably already addicted just from the scent of fresh beans wafting through the air, lol.

But then again... what simpler pleasure than the perfect cup of coffee, right? Worth it.

P.S. #coffeecoffeecoffee (Who's excited for Gilmore Girls returning?!)

7 Months

7 Months. SEVEN. How does time fly by this quickly? People try to tell you, but it really doesn't hit until you experience it yourself. So many changes in such a short time! This little baby boy of ours is suddenly sitting on his own, exploring everything, and trying all kinds of new foods. There are tough days and amazing days, and every night I worry whether or not we captured enough of the every day. "Did we take enough photos?"... as I scroll through a completely full camera roll, ha! This will our never-ending struggle... missing the past, living in the moment, and looking forward to watching him grow!


Mother's Day | Gift Guide

Photo: Top Left, Harper's Bazaar // 1. Jo Malone Peony & Blush Suede Cologne 
2. Rattan Clutch // 3. Fleur-De-Lis Necklace // 4. Cashmere Cardigan
5. Crane & Co. Stationery // 6. Tocca Candle // 7. Sullivan Street Hinged Double Frame 
8. Cabana Girl Short PJ Set // 9. Afternoon Tea

Mother's Day is extra special this year, being a mother myself for the very first time. My Mother and I have a tradition of afternoon tea, that I usually accompany with a special little gift – like a bottle of scented hand creme or a pretty glass candle. I just love the thought of gifting Mom something a little luxurious – something she normally wouldn't buy herself – which is why I've put together a gift guide for ideas to treat your own mother... Be it gold-foiled stationery or the softest cashmere sweater, however you celebrate, wishing you and your family a lovely Mother's Day this year!


Blue Skies & Sunshine

It feels so good to finally get outside with the little one, and not have to worry about the blowing rain and snow! We took a long, leisurely walk around the neighbourhood today, pup by our side, with the odd ladybug buzzing by like a sparkling red gem. It's so neat to watch him take it all in for the first time... the warm sunshine, light breeze, and birds singing overhead. It's hard to believe by next Spring he'll be running around, enjoying the season from a whole new perspective!

Let's hope Spring is here to stay.


Sybil & Cora

Brown and White 'Sybil' Planters $18 // Blue and White 'Cora' Planters $15

One of my favourite homekeeping-type shops is Everyday Occasions, stocked by Jenny Steffens Hobick from the blog of the same name. Each season she comes up with the most beautiful collection to treat your home to, from tableware to cleaning supplies, each piece elegant, yet simple in design. This Spring I have my eye on these gorgeous planters. I've had a houseplant sitting in its store-bought container for what is probably over a year now, and it would be lovely to transfer it to something a little more special. I love the gorgeous transferware patterns of these planters and especially admire the classic shade of china blue. They're perfect for showing off a few spring blooms as pictured, and perhaps to change the plants seasonally... I'm thinking mums for fall, and mini poinsettia for Christmas!

Shop the whole Spring collection here.


de Buci Baby

1. Crib Sheet in Blue and White Stripe Cotton // 2. Teddy Bear in Cream Linen // 
3. Nursing Pillow Case in Toile // 4. Crib Sheet in Beige Gingham Cotton // 5. Warm Sleep Sack in Blue and White Stripe Cotton // 6. Teddy Bear in Beige Gingham Cotton

Just recently I came across the children's brand de Buci Baby. Founder Maya Nairn has created the most lovely baby products ranging from crib sheets to matching sleep sacks, in beautiful solids and classic prints, yet simplistic in design. I especially love the beige gingham crib sheet and toile nursing pillow to give Ford's nursery a certain "european" flair. We have a vintage-looking steel car in his room that I want to set the theme around, and since his space is a work-in-progress, a few picks from de Buci Baby would be absolutely perfect! Plus, how cute are the matching teddies?

Shop de Buci Baby here.


Three Months

Our little baby boy is officially 3 months old! Time is flying by, and i'm trying not to think too far ahead, as to enjoy the time I have off with him now. We're getting so many little smiles and coos now, you can tell he's watching closely in awe and curiosity. Little does he know how much more there is to see! I just love him so much, I want to squish his chubby cheeks and cuddle all day long. As for baby's first easter, he was spoiled by all! It's so much fun to celebrate, with a little one to dote on now. And with warmer days just around the corner, they'll be plenty more adventures in his future!  

Easter Wishes + A Giveaway!

1. Bunny Rattle // 2. Henley Pajamas // 3. Rabbit Teether // 4. Baby Bunny Print
// 5. Oeuf Onesie // 6. Knitted Jacket // 7. Litolff Rattle // 8. Rabbit Chair
// 9. Peter Rabbit Book // 10. Knit romper with Hat

With Easter on it's way, it only seems fitting that it'll be Ford's first major holiday! It's such a sweet celebration, promising a fresh start and new beginnings, just in time for Spring. Of course, it wouldn't be complete without a milk chocolate bunny and a handful (or two) of mini eggs ;) I can't wait to spoil our little guy with all things bunny-themed this year! The holidays mean so much more having him around to share them with.

To celebrate, I've rounded up a few of my favourite picks for Easter, including my absolute favourite children's book – Peter Rabbit. I loved Beatrix Potter's tales as a child. They're so wonderfully captivating, with that touch of English charm that's hard not to love. So as an extra special treat, I've teamed up with Amanda of Penny Lane to give away a copy of Peter Rabbit to one lucky reader! Amanda's shop is full of adorable pieces for your little one, so be sure to check out her shop and subscribe to her blog

To enter the giveaway simply follow Penny Lane (@pennylanebaby) and Daniella Marie (@daniellamarie_c) on Instagram and leave a comment below with your handle. One lucky winner will be chosen at random on Wednesday, March 9.

Good luck!

Update: We have a winner! Congrats to Kate Georger.  


Two Months

If you follow along on Instagram, you'll know this little guy surprised us a few weeks early! Born December 29, he's already 8 weeks old! I once heard someone describe it as the shortest, longest time, and I completely agree. It's short in the sweet moments, long in the challenging ones, but perfectly wonderful as I look back overall. The delivery, the week-long hospital stay, and those first few nights at home seem like a distant memory now. Something new happens every day. He's starting to smile, which is just the positive feedback one needs after a sleepless night or a fussy afternoon. All in all, we can't complain, he's adorable and charming as a newborn baby can be, wide-eyed and peering around his new surroundings. I can't wait to do so many things with him – playing in the park, taking him on his first trip, celebrating the holidays – but for now we'll take cuddling our little baby boy... dressed in a clean white onesie, and cute little socks.



Welcome to the new site! With brand new year well underway, I wanted to freshen things up a little in this space. A lot of wonderful change has happened in the past few months, as we recently became a family of three! With so many new firsts, I'm excited to share life's little moments from a whole new perspective. "See" you here again soon.